What are the benefits of dance for children?

Learning a new skill is a very powerful thing.  Dance provides children with the opportunity to succeed at an activity that is both physically and mentally challenging.  All students participate equally, no one sits on the bench!  Besides learning the basic steps of dance, children learn to respect themselves and others, work as a team with their classmates, and the value of trying again even when things are hard.

How much time should we expect to spend at the studio?

Most students start with one class per week.  All beginning-level classes are 45 minutes.  As children get older they often want to expand into other forms of dance or concentrate on one form and train more.  More advanced classes are 60-90 minutes.  We recommend that younger students schedule no more than 2 classes on any day, since bodies and brains tend to wear out after being in school all day!

Dancers interested in our Performing Company or Competition team spend more time in class and in rehearsals.

What about costumes and performances?

We have two all-studio performances each season, "The Spirit of Christmas" in December and our Spring Performance in June.  Costumes are prepared by Dance Central and rented by the students.  Other more casual performances are available throughout the year and these are usually costumed by parents.  Shoes and tights worn for performances are purchased by the students.

What other performing opportunities are available?

Besides our annual Holiday show and end of the year show, we try to offer our students as many chances as possible to go out and show off their skills! We hold a National Dance Week Concert in April where we invite guests, our Performing groups, and select classes to help celebrate National Dance Week. We also hold an On My Own solo show in the spring at the studio. This show is for the dancers to create, costume, and design their own performance! 

Our Performing Company attends local festivals, nursing homes, and more. The Thunder Competition team travels around the state and competes at the Regional level.

What are the tuition prices?

We try to give your child the best possible class for the best possible price. 

Classes start out at $45/4 weeks. As you add more classes, a discount is applied. 

Our Family rate for those with 2 or more children is $250. Our Unlimited plan is $250 for those taking more than 5 classes per week.

Where can I purchase dancewear and shoes?

Right here! Dance Central stocks Revolution leotards, bottoms, tights, and shoes. We keep in stock a wide range of sizes in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop shoes to use in fitting your dancer. Most sizes need to be ordered, and usually ship to us in about a week (except during busy times, early Fall and early Spring). Payment is due when you place your shoe order.